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GOOGLE Zoomable Map. Crownmines Detailed Map last update 07/21/2014

Best viewed with Google Chrome. Survival World Google Map last update 04/23/2013

Original Railway map from Feb 2012

[INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.5.1, huge-r world!
[INFO] Included The Mines of Moria, Left of Solomons temple 800 blocks at least!
[INFO] The front gate is at -540,78,-1556 and for rail users, secret base underground railstation.
[INFO] Expanded GodCraft's Mines of Moria.U-Tube original rail system, all rail work in progress!
[INFO] Loading properties 04.23.2013 12:10 AM.
[INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
[INFO] Preparing level "CrownMinesLive"
[INFO] Default game type: 0
[INFO] Preparing start region for level 0
[INFO] Preparing spawn area: 69%
[INFO] Done (1482071282ns)! For help, type "help" or "?"

Download world revisions,
I will make schematic section to allow you to work at home and upload to server.
ALL FILES ARE MC ver 1.1 format, so you can use MCEdit. :)

CrownMines.zip 127 Mb 01/08/2012
CrownMines.zip 112 Mb 01/30/2012
CrownMinesLive.zip 181.2 Mb 02/07/2012
CrownMinesLive.zip 211 Mb 02/28/2012

City and Object Coordinates 02/29/2012

World Map.. CrownminesRailMap.jpg 12.5 Mb 02/29/2012

List of Schematics added or will be added to world.. Schematics.html 68.8 KB 03/29/2013

This is a very cool beginner’s world. It’s huge and has

Quite a few cities, towns, mines, and contraptions hidden everywhere.

Plus 90% of chests are full of something useful.

Also there are multiple warehouses full of supplies.

Plenty of examples some may still work, as long as they don’t glow.


Heres a few Videos of train ride, from late 2011 beta.



Wow my main train station still lives.

Too bad I can’t add any more rail lines to it.

It’s raining and I’m sad, why am I smiling.




Coordinates of this tower are x-150 y104 z-518


Darn I touched it

Cool , Signs and chests like it, too bad that’s all.


OK I started a server, go have a look around,

Please no griefing, please don't Blow stuff up.




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